The Future of Athletic Training

At MSU there’s talk of a new program for Athletic Training students. A program where they will be able to receive their bachelor’s and master’s degree in the course of only 5 years.  The new program isn’t official yet but it is of serious conversation in the College of Education.

Popular Fields

One of the most popular careers for Athletic Trainers is Physical Therapy.  It was my original plan. Start off in athletic training then move into physical therapy and possibly open up my own practice. However I’m really enjoying where I am and think maybe just working higher up in Athletic Training.

Money Talk


Without your Master’s degree in Athletic Training an AT can work in a High School or Middle School sports setting however, this may not be satisfying in the sense of income. With any degree beyond a masters would open up doors in the collegiate and professional fields, bringing in more of that ideal paycheck.

Beyond schooling, the top careers for an AT would be the following:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Clinical Settings
  • Professional Sports

The Professional Life

I have always loved football so working in the NFL would be incredible.  Any professional sports team would be quite the experience for any athletic trainer. Working with well-known and famous athletes would be surreal. You’d even have the opportunity to travel the country with the team and get all the perks the players do, the “swag bag.”

The All-Time Goal

One day I was talking to the Athletic Trainer at my high school, Jackie, an AT graduate of Western Michigan University, and asked her what she wanted to do after she was done working with our school, where she wanted to take her degree. I asked her about PT and if that’s something that interested her.

“I thought about physical therapy as most AT’s do, but my all-time goal is to work as an Athletic Trainer in the next Olympic games.”

I had never even considered it as an option. The idea of working with the best athletes in the world sparked a fire in my mind as I now have another possibility to consider.


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